Friday, January 12, 2018

Math:  We are began our second topic for multiplication this week.  This topic focuses on the Distributive Property of Multiplication, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 as factors. 

Math Facts:  We have slowly started timed tests for our multiplication facts.  They will have 2 minute to complete 44 problems.  Once they pass their assigned number, the next day is a mixed set of what they have already passed.  For example, once they pass 2's, they will have 0-2 mixed and then the next day move on to just 3's.  Then 0-3 and so on, all the way to 12.  After they pass 12 they will have mixed problems and then eventually on to division.  If they don't pass a certain number after 3 attempts, I will be sending home extra homework for that night where they have to write them out 9 times each!  I suggest having them study the “old school” way- say them as they write them multiple times.  Below are some helpful tips for math fact mastery.
Teach a Limited Number of Math Facts at a Time
There is a big difference between figuring out the answer and memorizing facts.  If students have too many facts to learn at one time, they fall back on figuring out the answer.  Instead, we want them to REMEMBER the answers without having to figure them out.
Only add more facts to learn as the previous set has been mastered
Once they have learned a set a set of facts to mastery, then add two or three more facts to be learned.  Student success is greatest when they have only two or three things to learn in a sea of material they have already mastered.
Students should memorize facts in a way that forms a verbal chain
Students should practice by saying the whole problem and the answer aloud.  In this way, students memorize a verbal chain. As a result of this kind of practice, students hear/see 8x7 and can’t stop from saying/writing 56.
Mastery = automaticity
Automaticity is the ability to say the answer to a problem immediately after reading the fact.  There should be no hesitation.
A routine for daily practice sessions should be in place
Practice sessions should be short
Students cannot maintain focus on drill for more than 2-4 minutes at a time.  Practice sessions may occur more than one time during the day, but should remain short.

Social Studies:
We finished up Chapter 2 this week and will have our test next Friday.  Remember that there is extra credit for flash cards!!

Test Friday on pp. B58-69

This week we started the Social Emotional Learning curriculum.  This is part of the Social Thinking Curriculum from Michelle Garcia Winner.  Students learned how to become social detectives, to help themselves and friends learn socially acceptable behavior and to be a good friend.  Students also learned that there are many different ways to be "smart"- called "multiple intelligences."

MAP Testing for 3A is Tuesday 1/16, Thursday 1/18, Friday 1/19.

Friday, December 15, 2017

On Tuesday they will be having a science quiz and their packet is due.

These 3rd graders did a fabulous job on Tuesday night!!!  

Awesome news!!!  Our SPECTACULAR Circle of Love necklaces made 
$480 that we will be donating to Catholic Relief Services.  They were so proud of their work!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

We only have 2 weeks to practice for our Christmas Pageant, so we really need your help!!   PLEASE have your child practice the songs and their lines (if they have any) over break.  We don't have much time to practice on stage, so it is crucial that they practice at home!  Have them practice singing at Thanksgiving dinner!  ;)  Thank you!!

We had a fabulous field trip to Plimoth Plantation today!!  Thank you to the chaperones- Mrs. Bongette, Mr. Collins, Mrs. Schuplinski, and Mr. Mahoney!!!!

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday-Friday, November 22-24th--Thanksgiving Break 
Tuesday-November 28th—Santa’s Workshop
Wednesday, November 29th—Class Picture Day
Friday, December 8thReport Cards


Friday, November 17, 2017

The field trip to Plimoth is Tuesday!  Please arrive to school on time as the bus leaves at 8:30. The kids are allowed to wear casual clothes, but please make sure that they are dressed appropriately for outdoor walking. The forecast (as of now) looks like it will be high 40's, so dress in layers!  Students will need a disposable labeled lunch with disposable contents so that they do not need to carry anything during the trip.  Please do not send drinks in glass bottles. 
They will have time for a quick breakfast snack before we get on the bus to hold them over until lunch-breakfast bar, piece of fruit. 
Please do NOT send money with your child b/c they will NOT be allowed to visit the gift shop.
Below you will find a link that has some wonderful information and videos about the museum.  We watched a bit in class today, but didn't get to everything.  Maybe we will have time on Monday to watch the rest. 
After Thanksgiving break we will:

  • Begin math Topic 4:Multiplication.  Please continue to have your child practice addition and subtraction facts, as these are the building blocks to mastering multiplication.  
  • Begin Social Studies chapter 2: Our Environment.
  • Work on reading strategies: Making connections to self, text and world.
  • Finish up verbs in grammar.  
    • So far we have worked on present, past and future verbs. Linking verbs-  does not show action, but tells what someone or something is (Costume parties are fun.)  Helping verbs-help the main verb tell about the action (James is visiting and arts festival.)
Circle of Love necklaces---work in progress:

Thank you to all who donated supplies!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Very exciting news!!  They were assigned their Christmas Pageant parts!  We will start practicing very soon- can you believe it??!!??  Lines went home today!! 

Thank you to all who have signed up to donate to our Circle of Love necklace project.  Here is the link!

We will finish Topic 3 next Wednesday and will have the math TEST next Friday!!  
What to review:
  • Add/subtract 3-digit numbers using place-value blocks or pictures and record the results using the standard addition/subtraction algorithm (3-2, 3-3, 3-4 & 3-7)
  • Subtracting 3-digit numbers with regrouping and subtracting across zero (3-8 & 3-9) and checking to see if it is reasonable or not with estimation
  • Solve a 3-digit addition problem using an expanded algorithm:  Write the sum of the hundreds, tens, and ones for 256+341= 500+90+7 (3-1)
  • Draw a picture to solve a problem (3-5)
  • Explain what regroupings you will need to solve a problem
  • Solving a problem by breaking them into smaller, easier problems (3-6): Liz wants to find the difference 623-411.  She has subtracted the hundreds and tens so far.  How much does she still need to subtract? 400+10=  410; 1

Social Studies:
We finished up chapter 1 and we will have our test on Friday.  I sent home a study guide to help them prepare for the test.  As part of their study guide there is also a homework sheet that is due Tuesday.  They will be seeing this information again on the test in question form.  I told them that the open response questions MUST BE WRITTEN IN COMPLETE SENTENCES on both the test and the homework.  New to this year there is also an option to earn a few extra credit points by making flashcards!!  These flashcards are a great study tool to help prepare for the test.  In order to earn the extra credit, flashcards are due on the day of the test, and should demonstrate the student's best effort. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

The pumpkin project was a huge success!! Everyone seemed to enjoy showing off their creativity and seeing what a great job their peers did. I received so many compliments on how wonderful the kids did answering questions and summarizing their book!

Today they wrote letters and drew pictures for the troops to let them know that we are thinking about them and praying for them. 


Monday, October 30, 2017

On Wednesday the 3rd grade was invited to watch some fun commercials that the 7th grade made to "Sell Cells".  They were awesome!!!  

We will begin Topic 3 in math next week: Using Place Value to Add and Subtract

During our reading groups we are talking about foreshadowing and making predictions.  

Pumpkin Project Fair: Please join both 3rd grades on Tuesday, October 31st from 8:30-9:15 in the cafeteria. There they will show off their creativity and tell you a little bit about their pumpkin character!  We hope that you can join us!  
Parent/Teacher Conferences: If you would like a conference please use the link:conference

A huge "thank you" to Mrs. Bongette, Mrs. Schuster, Mrs. Mahoney, Mrs. Schuplinski and Mrs. Tessier for planning and organizing an awesome Halloween party!  So much fun!!!